We combine an aggressive drive with a strong sense of how to serve our clients. For over 100 years, the Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe Law Firm’s litigation practice has obtained the breadth and depth to provide high quality, cost-effective litigation, and strategic counseling to our clients. Our litigators have appeared in trial and appellate courts and arbitration proceedings throughout the Northeast portion of the United States. Our clients range from individuals, and closely held corporations to major insurance companies, businesses, real estate developers, construction companies, investors, and municipal/public entities. Our law firm’s reputation as firm and aggressive in high stakes litigation has resulted in numerous significant litigation victories for our clients. These successes are a direct result of the quality of our attorneys and staff. We also pride ourselves on providing the best possible training and supervision to our associates so that we can maximize the value that we can provide to our clients. The Law firm’s litigation practice provides clients with innovative approaches, experienced advocacy, and the substantive experience necessary to handle a broad range of litigation problems and issues. We are guided by our solid understanding of our clients’ core objectives, and our litigators focus on winning effectively and with accountability. Our pre-trial, discovery, trial and appellate efforts are designed to solve clients’ problems, not prolong them. We deeply appreciate that the best win is an early win, particularly in high-stakes litigation. However, we also understand that no matter how diligent our efforts may be to dispose of a case before going to trial, the most forceful strategy for resolving a case quickly is to let opponents know that we stand ready – if necessary – to win the case at trial. Our trial record unequivocally sends that message. In litigation, as in everything else we do, we combine an aggressive drive with a strong sense of how to serve our clients. We appreciate that promptly answering our clients’ questions can be as important as properly cross-examining the clients’ adversary. From devising a sound strategy and implementing a way that makes sense, to explain our investment of resources in that strategy, we remain accountable to our clients, and receptive to new ways to meet their particular needs. Commitment to these principles, fortified by the ingenuity and experience to deliver on that commitment, distinguishes our litigation practice. Winning in the court of public opinion is often as important for our clients as winning in the courtroom itself. As a result, our team includes experienced public relations professionals who work with the clients and the litigation team to formulate a successful strategy to manage the flow of information and to enhance the clients’ public relations objectives. To learn more about our focused and experienced practice groups that support the core areas of our litigation practice, please contact Al Buglione - directly.

Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe

We have a long history of public service, and our lawyers are recognized by their peers for their excellence. Our attorneys have been named and ranked in Martindale-Hubbell and Best’s Insurance Digest.

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