For over 100 years, Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe has defended counties, townships, municipalities, public agencies, public officials, and public employees throughout this state in a variety of legal actions brought by plaintiffs seeking damages. The attorneys at BHD are experienced in handling the unique and difficult issues faced by public entity defendants, including but not limited to: Excessive force by law enforcement officers; Prisoners’ civil rights claims for unlawful search and seizure (including unlawful strip searches); Wrongful arrest or prosecution; Sexual Harassment; Wrongful Termination; 42 U.S.C. §1983 Claims; Whistleblower claims; Retaliation claims; Discrimination and Harassment in the public workplace; Invasion of privacy claims; Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); New Jersey Law Against Discrimination; Tort Claims Act matters; Family Medical Leave Act; Dangerous conditions of public property; Property Damage; and Constitutional claims. The attorneys of BHD have litigated these claims from inception to verdict in the New Jersey state and federal courts, both at the trial and the appellate level, and can provide the necessary advice, guidance, and protection on all aspects of public entity claims. Contact us today for further information related to the defense of these claims.

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We have a long history of public service, and our lawyers are recognized by their peers for their excellence. Our attorneys have been named and ranked in Martindale-Hubbell and Best’s Insurance Digest.

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