Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe maintains an exceptionally strong practice focused on defending high profile sexual abuse litigation. Whether serving a public entity, a private corporation, or a community of faith, our firm maintains the infrastructure to provide effective representation in the most complex or egregious cases, including those involving multiple plaintiffs or abuse alleged over the course of decades. These types of cases often involve claims critical of hiring practices, supervision, or detection of abuse or grooming. These are areas in which we have extensive experience, having handled literally hundreds of such cases and having advised clients on employee terminations, other personnel actions, and preventive training and practices related to sexual misconduct and boundary invasions. Every case is emotional and holds potential for significant exposure. The need for immediate legal counsel experienced in defense of liability, damages, and client reputation is clear. Meeting this need - your need - is our goal. Our firm has found that in sex abuse litigation the best defense is, quite simply, the best defense. The problem is that very few practicing attorneys have the ability to provide such a defense. Often this fact is not realized until too late. In these types of cases, do not take chances. Our attorneys have extensive experience on this subject, and we are available nationwide in a consultative capacity, for risk management and training, or for retention as panel counsel.

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We have a long history of public service, and our lawyers are recognized by their peers for their excellence. Our attorneys have been named and ranked in Martindale-Hubbell and Best’s Insurance Digest.

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