Subrogation and Recovery

The Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe Law Firm has extensive experience in the area of recovering first party insurance payments that arise from casualties such as property damage resulting from fires, equipment failures and water leaks. We also pursue third-party actions for workers’ compensation insurance carriers, so that they may recover monies that they have paid to cover the medical treatment and comp settlements of injured workers. Our attorneys coordinate investigations and provide evaluations to claims personnel and consultants to develop viable subrogation strategies. Our early involvement in matters maximizes recovery while reducing expenses by allowing our attorneys to perform, as part of our representation, investigative activities that would otherwise be typically outsourced to paid adjusters or experts.  

Buglione, Hutton & DeYoe

We have a long history of public service, and our lawyers are recognized by their peers for their excellence. Our attorneys have been named and ranked in Martindale-Hubbell and Best’s Insurance Digest.

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